pickedy pic pics :)

Well, my real camera got busted a few weeks ago, so I just snapped these on my ever-present iPhone. The quality's not great, but you get the idea. :) I promise to post more once my camera is back up and running!

This is looking at the kitchen from the family room. The little desk (read: clutter) area is on the left, and you can see the dining room past the kitchen a little.

A sort of blurry shot of the kitchen. I absolutely LOVE my stained glass pendant lights, but they don't show up very well! Grr.

Looking at the family room from the front hall. The steps go up to the right, and you can see a bit of the upstairs hall railing as well. :)


  1. testing comments to be sure no "weird" word is required...

  2. yes! it worked! no "weird" words required! :)

  3. The house is lovely! Enjoy all of that space! (I'm chanting "Thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet" right now...)


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