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Check out my new craft space!

My laundry/craft room took a big step in the right direction when Dan hung my awesome shelf from Ikea tonight! I have a "box" for knitting, material, stamp stuff, art books, sewing nonsense, etc. etc. and finally, the four old big cardboard boxes are gone!!! And my 8' long utility table fits just perfect. :) Yay for one more step done in the unpacking and moving-in process!!


This afternoon I made hummus from this recipe. Wow. First time ever trying homemade hummus, and man, it's delicious! I had to buy a big jar of tahini (it's all they had) so I think I'll just stockpile chick peas and make this regularly. :) My kids like it too!


I have a love affair with peanut butter. Specifically, Smuckers Natural PB. I could eats jars of it, on crackers, apples, by itself; on brownies, cookies, waffles... Anyway, this morning when the kids were eating a more normal breakfast of cereal, I went for peanut butter on Kashi crackers... Ummm so good. Anyway, I think I've passed on my quirk, cause when Tristan saw me with the jar, he started yelling, "Me peter! Me peter!" (Peter being the logical abbreviation for PEanut butTER.) I had to convince him to finish his cereal first, and then he joined me in my munching, eating it straight out of jar on a knife! :)
prayer begets love.

go to your knees and stay there

until you are split open

and some miracle - fresh and gasping -

is pulled from your aching body.

[found here]

Nature's playland

Since we have no grass in our yard, we play in the woods! :)

Happy Mother's Day (and an announcement)

First, Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous mothers out there! If you have time, listen to Steven Curtis Chapman's "One Heartbeat At A Time." This is a really encouraging song, from me to you! :)

Secondly, I thought this would be an appropriate day to announce some big news:

Dan and I are in the process of adopting! We hope to bring little girl Block home from Ethiopia in about one year! For those who care about details, we have finished all the paperwork and are waiting for three forms to come back from the state. Once they are back, our dossier will be complete and we begin the (long!) wait for a referral. I know it will go by quickly... it just seems so. far. off. Anyway, that's it. But bedroom #4 will soon be turning into a nursery! Yay! :)

My guac "recipe"

There are very few food items I make without a recipe and/or careful measuring of every ingredient. I am just that way.

However, there are a few things I make in the "toss and stir and hope for the best" style. Oatmeal. (Yeah, that's a toughie. But seriously, for years I did measure the milk and water and oats, just to be sure.) Pancake batter. And guacamole. Wow. I really do think that's it. How pathetic.

At any rate, here's my guacamole "recipe". :)

:: two (or three-- tonight's was three) avocados
:: a half (or a whole) diced fresh tomato
:: about 2 tbsp. (??) of minced onion (I use about 1/2 of a small one)
:: freshly ground salt and pepper
:: hot sauce
:: lime juice (if you have it. I rarely do, so I make it without!)

Halve the avocados, jab the pits with a knife and remove them. Score the avocado in the half-shell, then squeeze it out into a bowl. Mash with a fork. Add the diced tomato and onion and crank out salt and pepper liberaly. And don…

Q: How much do I love homemade guacamole?

A: Probably too much, since I could eat this whole bowl myself. :)
It's all right
It's okay
I won't worry 'bout tomorrow
For it brings me one more day
Closer than I was to You
Closer than I was...
To You.

Book issues

Tonight as I was unpacking shelf after shelf after shelf of books, I
thought... "Huh. I should really organize these by Library of Congress
number." And then I thought... "Wow, Sarah. You are such a dork! LoC
number? Really?!" But see... I am dealing with hundreds of books on 4
differents sets of bookshelves in 4 different rooms. Organizing by
category is not enough for me. Author is too annoying. ISBN numbers
are beyond me. Not to mention, Dan and I have vastly different topics
of reading interest, so I am already dealing with "his" shelves and
"her" shelves. Hmm. I'd like to eventually at least catalog them on
the computer so I at least know what we have. In the meantime I have
dug up several re-readables that I can't wait to get back into. Ah,
yes, the joys of having kids who go to bed early. :)

Yes, I really am that kind of mom... :)

He self-occupies for literally, an hour or more. Totally worth the
sink-bath later. :)

I guess mud yards aren't ALL bad...

especially when you're wearing your sister's sweatshirt. Ha.

Running to welcome Cappy home for the summer