Book issues

Tonight as I was unpacking shelf after shelf after shelf of books, I
thought... "Huh. I should really organize these by Library of Congress
number." And then I thought... "Wow, Sarah. You are such a dork! LoC
number? Really?!" But see... I am dealing with hundreds of books on 4
differents sets of bookshelves in 4 different rooms. Organizing by
category is not enough for me. Author is too annoying. ISBN numbers
are beyond me. Not to mention, Dan and I have vastly different topics
of reading interest, so I am already dealing with "his" shelves and
"her" shelves. Hmm. I'd like to eventually at least catalog them on
the computer so I at least know what we have. In the meantime I have
dug up several re-readables that I can't wait to get back into. Ah,
yes, the joys of having kids who go to bed early. :)


  1. I bet one of those "re-readables" is White Chocolate Moments....yesss....

    But for real, I'm super excited about seeing your house, since I haven't since the first week of January (!), and I can't wait to read good books there too.

  2. HAHAHA... I'm LOL for REAL. Tristan was just like, "what, mommy, what??" haha. Ok. Well, to be honest, WCM is NOT on the list, but a few others of hers were. Man, welcome back to sap-ville!! But we all need a little sappy cheesiness every once in awhile, right!?

  3. Oh the joy of books....reading is one of my favorite things to do to pass time and in free time


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