My guac "recipe"

There are very few food items I make without a recipe and/or careful measuring of every ingredient. I am just that way.

However, there are a few things I make in the "toss and stir and hope for the best" style. Oatmeal. (Yeah, that's a toughie. But seriously, for years I did measure the milk and water and oats, just to be sure.) Pancake batter. And guacamole. Wow. I really do think that's it. How pathetic.

At any rate, here's my guacamole "recipe". :)

:: two (or three-- tonight's was three) avocados
:: a half (or a whole) diced fresh tomato
:: about 2 tbsp. (??) of minced onion (I use about 1/2 of a small one)
:: freshly ground salt and pepper
:: hot sauce
:: lime juice (if you have it. I rarely do, so I make it without!)

Halve the avocados, jab the pits with a knife and remove them. Score the avocado in the half-shell, then squeeze it out into a bowl. Mash with a fork. Add the diced tomato and onion and crank out salt and pepper liberaly. And don't be shy with the hot sauce either. Avocados are very bland; I put probably 5 or 10 shakes into mine, and it doesn't taste "hot" at ALL. And then mix it all together, and try some on a tortilla chip. I usually end up adding more salt and more hot sauce, but tonight I hit it just right. :) This is one of Tristan's favorite foods-- he calls it "mac-a-roli". Such a yummy food, and good for you too!


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