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This morning Tristan and I dropped Will and Hallie at their first day of summer camp. We then cleaned and ran errands and stopped at the park on the way home. Tristan loved the purple "aligator"! :)

And then, look what I found in my hanging fuschia! I'm so pleased! :)

What happens when Hallie gets my phone:


Why you shouldn't smoke

according to Will (told to Hallie and Tristan over lunch)

"One time a man went to the hospital because he had a little black bump in his lungs. Then the doctor took out his lungs, and then the next day he died."

Hmm. Fairly convincing don't you think!? I guess this is the result of what he's retained from my anti-smoking talks. Haha.

...other things

We have had a mother deer and her twin fawns in our yard lately. I've been trying get a picture of them, but I haven't gotten a good one yet. Yesterday the fawns were leaping and playing like puppies. So cute! They are still very small and spotted. The kids love it when they come around.

Thanks to ALL THIS RAIN, we haven't been able to seed the yard yet. No seed + all rain = MUCH MUD. Last night just before dinner, Tristan got outside and got stuck, no joke, knee deep in mud. Will tried to help him out, but he ended up getting stuck too. By the time I pulled them out they were both in dire need of a shower. But they had so much fun!

Last night I was banned from a forum that I've been following since the Little April Rose story broke. Apparently I posted something that was offensive to the admins, cause I was booted within a few hours. :-( This is a very strange experience for me, as I have never before been asked to leave (let alone banned!) from anything in my life, o…

A boy and his dog



Well, we made it out and back to Dayton for Kak's graduation. It's 16 hrs. round trip, so I'm very glad we were able to leave the kids behind for the weekend! They had a great time here. One of the highlights of the trip was going bowling last night. There were 10 of us, all Dan's family, (including his 80-something grandmother!) who went from about 9-midnight, and it was a BLAST!! I haven't had so much in ages. :)

I am homeschooling Will this fall for K. I'm using the Sonlight program, which I am totally excited about. I almost wish school started sooner. :b

The landscaping around here is coming along. Last week we planted two azaleas, two forsythias, a dogwood tree, and two lilac bushes. I have two little blueberry bushes yet to go in. The yard is getting seeded this week (goodbye, dusty desert!), so in a few weeks, things should be looking really ship-shape outdoors. In the meantime, the kids and I made a little play area at the edge of the woods under a big…

Guess what we did tonight?


My perennial bed...

Points of interest:
The white fence was purchased during my ill-fated trip to WalMart last week, to keep the puppy (seen here napping in the sun) OUT. He blithely jumps over it.

The two wooden planters on the far right house my herbs. They are short and stumpy and not very inspired. In time, this should have the billowy, willowy, garden-y look I love-- more plants, less space. Give me a year (or three or four) and I'll get back to you on that. :)

What my quiet time looked like today:



I have been working outside a lot lately (in between the rain showers!) and am loving it! I have a small perennial bed in next to our back door. A bleeding heart is the centerpiece of it (which I love) and the bed is edged with alyssum and puff-ball daisies. I have lilies of the valley and ferns, and other pretty things in there. I am really hoping to get a butterfly bush (or two!) and a lilac... oh, and some blueberry bushes... before the spring is out. We'll have to see how it goes. It's raining again today; it feels like it's been April for two months now!! I have some tomato plants in pots out front, and the kids planted pumpkin seeds on the front hill. They are already about 6" high! Amazing! Although I want to have a full-fledged garden, this year I think I'll just do it in pots. I don't want to drive myself batty already. :) Dan made me two planters that I have filled with herbs: basil, oregano, lemon thyme and other deliciousness. :) I even hung the ha…