I have been working outside a lot lately (in between the rain showers!) and am loving it! I have a small perennial bed in next to our back door. A bleeding heart is the centerpiece of it (which I love) and the bed is edged with alyssum and puff-ball daisies. I have lilies of the valley and ferns, and other pretty things in there. I am really hoping to get a butterfly bush (or two!) and a lilac... oh, and some blueberry bushes... before the spring is out. We'll have to see how it goes. It's raining again today; it feels like it's been April for two months now!! I have some tomato plants in pots out front, and the kids planted pumpkin seeds on the front hill. They are already about 6" high! Amazing! Although I want to have a full-fledged garden, this year I think I'll just do it in pots. I don't want to drive myself batty already. :) Dan made me two planters that I have filled with herbs: basil, oregano, lemon thyme and other deliciousness. :) I even hung the hanger for my colorful basket of petunias on my own! (Will helped by handing my the drill and hammer. :)) Now if the sun would just come out...


  1. Pictures of the aforementioned garden, please!!! :)


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