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On the way home:

We had an amazing time at the beach!
More pics to come. :)


Hallie, following me around the house this morning, holding her new box of Band-Aids:

"Mommy do you have a cut that really hurts bad?"
Me (knowing she wants to put one on me, but not wanting to waste them):
"Um, no, I don't think so. Right now I'm ok! But thank you..."
Hallie: "But do you have a cut that doesn't hurt?"
Me: laughing...

Hallie: "Can you and me do something special?"
Me: "Like what?"
Hallie: "Oh... like lie on the floor and eat vanilla ice cream and do puzzle books..."

Crazy Summerness

I CANNOT believe it is already the MIDDLE of JULY. Where the heck did June go?! (And more importantly, where the heck is my warm sunny SUMMER weather?? *sigh*)

Anyway, we are gearing up for a busy few weeks around here. On Thursday, we are taking the kids to the shore for 3 days. *cheers* I love the Jersey Shore! Anyone else with me?? ;) I'm super stoked. This will be our kids' first visit to the shore that I love and remember so fondly from my growing-up years. Yay + yay!!! :) Plus, we'll be with great friends, which makes everything, especially trips to the shore, that much better. Pics to come, I promise!

When we get home, I have about 12 hours of turn-around time before the kids and I (and my very, very brave sister Anna) are driving 18 +/- hours to STL, with an overnight stop at Kak's in Ohio. *brave sigh* I can do this.

After 3 days spent visiting family and friends, we will be at the wedding of Dan's brother Jonathan and his fiancee Sara in downtown STL. Dan…

I'm Such a Wimp

Seriously. Today the kids and I were coming home from a walk to get some lunch when we heard sirens go by-- I didn't think much of it. When I got inside, Dan called and said some friends/neighbors had just been robbed while they were out for a walk, so to be careful, and to lock up if I left the house. While I was on the phone, an email came in from another friend/neighbor who confirmed the robbery and said to stay alert. I took note and --what else was I supposed to do-- went about making lunch while the kids continued playing with rocks (collected on our walk) out front. Not a minute later, Tucker (who we've had for about 3 months and who NEVER barks) starts barking up a storm outside. Of course my heart is pounding and I start fumbling with the locks, trying to get mentally ahead and keep cool. Should I bring the kids in? Lock all the doors? Get Dan's gun? (ha.) Tell the kids? (no.)

I ended up calling everyone for lunch and locking up, and Tucker calmed down. (He was b…

If this isn't the cutest thing ever...

Then I don't know what is! Wish I could take a nap with all my
favorite things lined up next to me ... ;)