Crazy Summerness

I CANNOT believe it is already the MIDDLE of JULY. Where the heck did June go?! (And more importantly, where the heck is my warm sunny SUMMER weather?? *sigh*)

Anyway, we are gearing up for a busy few weeks around here. On Thursday, we are taking the kids to the shore for 3 days. *cheers* I love the Jersey Shore! Anyone else with me?? ;) I'm super stoked. This will be our kids' first visit to the shore that I love and remember so fondly from my growing-up years. Yay + yay!!! :) Plus, we'll be with great friends, which makes everything, especially trips to the shore, that much better. Pics to come, I promise!

When we get home, I have about 12 hours of turn-around time before the kids and I (and my very, very brave sister Anna) are driving 18 +/- hours to STL, with an overnight stop at Kak's in Ohio. *brave sigh* I can do this.

After 3 days spent visiting family and friends, we will be at the wedding of Dan's brother Jonathan and his fiancee Sara in downtown STL. Dan and all the kids are IN the wedding; I'm already nervous about their (not Dan's!) behavior. My kids are generally pretty good kids, but... this is a wedding.

So then we all drive home (having added Dan and my sister Emily to our car... fun times in the minivan, right?!)... And the day after we get home, Dan's sister and her two kids fly in for a 12-day visit! :D I am super excited about this! We are sending the three older kids off to camp for three days, giving us moms the luxury of having one child each to care for. We plan to shop, pick blueberries, and cook. :) (And hopefully swim, if the weather will cooperate, please!)

Halfway into their visit, Dan's parents show up for a 12-day visit of their own, taking us well into mid-August. The day after they leave, my book club meets (oh please let my book arrive from Amazon before I leave!) and then the day after that, we drive 5 hours to a house on a lake in NY where my family is spending a week. We'll be there for two days, then drive home to Dan's other sister and her hubby/kids, having arrived at our house earlier that day. We'll spend three days with them, hopefully just chilling out. :)

This takes us to the third week of August, and I will have officially one week to pull my act (slash our house, the laundry, the kids, etc...) together before the big start of school for Will! So I decided to cheat a little and start working on a few things with him early... they "schedule" 16 weeks into the curriculum for time off, but I thought if I could knock out a few weeks over the summer, that would give me a little more wiggle room during the year. Ha. I have TWO DAYS done. And it's not looking good for the rest of the summer. Ah, well. It's summer!

If you have actually followed me this far, congrats! ;) Now I have 3 days before we leave for the shore, in which I need to:
:: pack for the shore
:: pack for STL, so I'm not insanely running around in the 12 hours we're home between the shore and STL
:: buy Will dress shoes
:: buy Hallie dress shoes/sandals
:: buy Tristan a white polo (this is all wedding attire, fyi)

Umm.... I think that's it? Oh yeah:
:: stay sane, kind and nice

I think that about does it.
See you in September! ;)


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