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Will's Day Out

Yesterday Pop (Dan's dad) took Will out for lunch. They got cheesesteaks ("mommy, mommy, AND chocolate milk!") at a mom n' pop joint, and then went to Chuck E. Cheese's afterward. (I still can't believe they did this. ;)) They played racing games and earned 72 (!!) tickets. Will is still glowing and talking about his fun day out. :) Thanks, Pop!!
I have two scraped up, sore knees.
Yesterday Hallie fell off a dock into the lake, and apparently as I
was scrambling to pull her out, I did some damage.
Whenever I'm aggrieved at the annoyance of the soreness that irritates
me, I remember how blessed I am to still have this cute girl around. A
few seconds longer in the water and it could have been a different
Thank you Lord, for keeping Hallie safe, and thank you for mama-
instincts that helped me pull her out!