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Hallie: "Mommy, can I take my P-P-E-D-E to the soccer game?"
ME: "What are you trying to spell?"
Hallie: "My STROLLER. Can I take my stroller to the soccer game?"

Dan has a 6 hr. test today, so the kids and I are all off to Will's game together this morning. We'll be playing at W-B's great new playground after, then running errands.(BTW, you can see Dan and Hallie in the background of the picture! :)) This afternoon while Tristan naps, we plan to clean out and wash the van. I am sure the hose and soapy sponges will be the hot commodities, leaving me with the more boring jobs of vacuuming and decluttering. :)

Mommy and Hallie color together

"Isn't this fun, mama?"

Ok, so it's been awhile...

Here is is, already mid-Spetember! Here're a few snapshots of what's going on in my life (and head. :)) in no particular order!

:: Homeschool with Will is in full-swing! We just started week 4. We are using Sonlight's K program and we are both LOVING it! From phonics to math to history and social studies (and really, a lot more!), I really, really enjoy teaching the material, and he loves the books and the mental/book work. Science is already his favorite. Today we read about fossils and the two different ways they're formed, and then made our own fossils (from baking soda, cornstarch and water). It's so cute to see him get so into it. We also just finished reading the first book in the Boxcar Children series, which he loved as well. The younger two have only had only really had "off" morning; usually they are happy to play together in the other room while Will and I work together. I am so happy (and relieved!) that schooling has gotten off to a smooth st…

Dan, then and now!

As you might know, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Dan's accident. Praise the Lord for a good year of recovery!

Checking out the new waterfront park in W-B!