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so stinkin' cute!

H: "Mommy, what did he bruise?"
Me: (totally befuddled) "What???"
H: (in much louder tones) "WHAT DID HE BRUISE?"

((sidenote: I think my kids confuse my confused- "what" with my I-didn't-hear-you "what". They apparently need some fine-tuning in reading vocal intonations.))

M: "I don't understand what you're asking me. Who is "he"?"
H: "... yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews..." So what did he bruise?

M: "ohhhh. Hebrews. It's a book of the Bible.
H: "Huh?"
M: "It's a book of the Bible. It was written to the Hebrew people."
H: (looking confused and weirded out, takes off running and yells over her shoulder) "Okay, He-bruise people!"



:: I am the most terrible blogger ever. I rarely update, and when I do, it's all train-of-thought and not very well organized. One more reason I need to go back to school-- I need to work on getting my brain more organized. :)

:: Dan and I went to hear Elie Wiesel speak at the Kirby last night. He is an humble, inspiring man. He talked about the Biblical principle that he calls the 11th commandment, "Thou shalt not stand by silently when you see injustice being done." How much wrong could be stopped if we would just speak up? Speak up.

:: The kids continue to get over whatever they had (the flu, I think) last week. Hallie is still coughing (at night, mostly), but the boys are good. Tristan is turning three next month, which puts me solidly out of the baby stage. *sad sigh* I just can't believe it's happening. Six solid years, and it's just... gone? What is that about?

:: Thursday we are going to see Brian Regan with some friends. If you have never heard of …

Sick day at the Blocks...


Tucker, after the Yanks scored again