so stinkin' cute!

H: "Mommy, what did he bruise?"
Me: (totally befuddled) "What???"
H: (in much louder tones) "WHAT DID HE BRUISE?"

((sidenote: I think my kids confuse my confused- "what" with my I-didn't-hear-you "what". They apparently need some fine-tuning in reading vocal intonations.))

M: "I don't understand what you're asking me. Who is "he"?"
H: "... yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews..." So what did he bruise?

M: "ohhhh. Hebrews. It's a book of the Bible.
H: "Huh?"
M: "It's a book of the Bible. It was written to the Hebrew people."
H: (looking confused and weirded out, takes off running and yells over her shoulder) "Okay, He-bruise people!"



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