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colors with her new Christmas supplies!

Nook v. Kindle: Part Deux

Sooo.... I have thought long and hard about this problem of mine. Do I keep the pretty, eye-candy nook or the plainer, content-laden kindle? As much as I really, really love the look and feel of the nook (the rubbery, contoured back is just so nice.. and the buttons click so quietly...).... well... content is king. So I'm shipping off the nook back to B&N. *sigh*

Last night I decided to look on amazon to see how much (in theory) I'd be paying for all those free classics that B&N offers. And the answer? Nothing. Amazon has their own version of B&N's offer of free classics, thereby nullifying that part of my mental argument for the nook. (I promptly downloaded free versions of Little Women and The Phantom of the Opera to my kindle.)

And I looked for a couple other (older, but not obscure) books on B&N, and they didn't have them! As the whole point of an e-reader is to, um, read, I logically, against my eye-hunger for the nook, have to go with amazon on th…

Nook vs. Kindle: Geek Alert! :)

Ok, so this post is solely dedicated to my thoughts about the e-readers nook (by B&N) and kindle (amazon.) If you're already bored, check out now-- it gets worse. :)

So, my nook arrived last week. I have two weeks to decide if I'm keeping it or the kindle, thanks to B&N's 15 day return window. (Amazon's is 30 days.)

All the tech blogs I've read recently have the race at a near tie, with the kindle edging slightly ahead. However, all the reasons they've listed as pros and cons so far are meaningless to me: Google's Android system, which nook runs, the browser (albeit lame!) that kindle has, nook's color display (which I love), nook's loanable books (which is a joke-- you can loan each of your books one time each. I am supposed to be excited about that?) blah blah blah. As far as battery life, weight, look, feel, etc. etc. go, it's mostly a tie, but deep down, I prefer the nook. :) It looks way cooler than the kindle with it's goofy ke…

catch up

Playing catch up (again). I ought to just skip a title on my blog posts since all I ever do is review what we're up to!

:: Tristan's birthday is a week from Friday. He is more excited about this than Christmas, for sure. (I actually have separate Christmas and birthday presents for him, so I feel like a good mom, too. ;)) We're celebrating his bday a day early though, because.....

:: My brother Andrew is tying the knot a week from Saturday! We'll all be trekking 5 hours north for the wedding. Dan's parents are flying in on Wed., so since we have to drive to NY on Tristan's birthday (Fri.), we'll be having his party a day early, on Thursday. It will be fun to have both sets of grandparents in attendance! And can I just announce that I feel officially OUT of the baby stage for the first time in 6 years!? Wow. In some ways I am melancholy, but in others, I LOVE it. Sleep, for one thing; great schedules, more freedom for me... it's definitely not all bad! …