Nook v. Kindle: Part Deux

Sooo.... I have thought long and hard about this problem of mine. Do I keep the pretty, eye-candy nook or the plainer, content-laden kindle? As much as I really, really love the look and feel of the nook (the rubbery, contoured back is just so nice.. and the buttons click so quietly...).... well... content is king. So I'm shipping off the nook back to B&N. *sigh*

Last night I decided to look on amazon to see how much (in theory) I'd be paying for all those free classics that B&N offers. And the answer? Nothing. Amazon has their own version of B&N's offer of free classics, thereby nullifying that part of my mental argument for the nook. (I promptly downloaded free versions of Little Women and The Phantom of the Opera to my kindle.)

And I looked for a couple other (older, but not obscure) books on B&N, and they didn't have them! As the whole point of an e-reader is to, um, read, I logically, against my eye-hunger for the nook, have to go with amazon on this one. Their content selection trumps B&N every time, in my (limited) experience.

So... that's that. Now I have to steel myself against the wiles of the lovely nook as I repackage her for return shipment. :)


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