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ilovemylife :)

I am (for some unknown-to-me-reason) really happy with my life right now. Here are a few reasons why:

:: Life in general is going smoothly. Dan has a predictable work schedule. The kids are for the most part, well-behaved and kind to each other. Will's school is going great, and the other two totally revel in their just-them playtime. Nice. Almost shockingly so.

:: The kids go to bed earlyish (7:30 or 8) leaving me with hours of quiet before bedtime to fill. When I'm caught up on my "have-to's", I can get to my "want-to's", like scrapbooking, quilting and watching the news. And I LOVE my craft/laundry room. I can do little bits here and there, work on laundry, and then close the door without having to pack everything up and put it up out of reach.

:: Outdoor time. As I mentioned before, one of my goals for the new year was to get the kids outside for an hour every school day, no matter the weather. I don't know if it's psychological or what…

Off on a rainy day adventure!



I love routine. Over the past two weeks I've been implementing my new years' goals of getting up early and getting things done before the kids get up and it has been great. I have also been inspired to overhaul the mudroom and the kids' toys --threw out two trashbags full- yes!-- and things are much more "together" than they have been. Seeing things neat and orderly makes me happy. :)

I have attempted this whole morning routine thing in the last, but now (for the first time in years) I am consistently sleeping through the night, and the kids are able to self-occupy during the day for at least limited stretches of time. I feel like my life is actually getting easier, which is rather... foreign. I know things will be changing again in the future, and I will have to readjust and revamp my routines again, but for now, life is going so smoothly. It just makes my little neat-freak, organized and alphabetically-ordered heart sing for joy. :)

How can you not love...

squishy, chubby baby cousins?


prefers to keep both feet on the ground, and this sled with him at ALL times!

Can you spot the snowbirds?


We've been up to...

:: busy days! This past weekend my family threw a party for my brother and his new wife. We had lots of family from all sides and friends come in for the weekend, and it was a B-L-A-S-T. We played lots of boot hockey on the lake (I actually broke a stick... go figure! :)) and games (Balderdash and Wits & Wagers). I am such a family-fun-time person that I could seriously replay last weekend for every weekend from now till spring. :)

:: back to school! I gave Will an extra week off since I was still getting back into normal routines and playing catch-up on all normal chores/ Christmas tear-down, so today we hit the books again. Apparently Tristan and Hallie have completely forgotten how to self-occupy over the last 3 weeks. We'll get there though.

:: traveling! We arrived home from another fabulously fun, family- and game-filled week in St. Louis last Monday. Dan pulled two amazing all-nighters, driving down and back in a single shot. Coming home we hit snow on 80 near Pittsburg…