I love routine. Over the past two weeks I've been implementing my new years' goals of getting up early and getting things done before the kids get up and it has been great. I have also been inspired to overhaul the mudroom and the kids' toys --threw out two trashbags full- yes!-- and things are much more "together" than they have been. Seeing things neat and orderly makes me happy. :)

I have attempted this whole morning routine thing in the last, but now (for the first time in years) I am consistently sleeping through the night, and the kids are able to self-occupy during the day for at least limited stretches of time. I feel like my life is actually getting easier, which is rather... foreign. I know things will be changing again in the future, and I will have to readjust and revamp my routines again, but for now, life is going so smoothly. It just makes my little neat-freak, organized and alphabetically-ordered heart sing for joy. :)


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