We've been up to...

:: busy days! This past weekend my family threw a party for my brother and his new wife. We had lots of family from all sides and friends come in for the weekend, and it was a B-L-A-S-T. We played lots of boot hockey on the lake (I actually broke a stick... go figure! :)) and games (Balderdash and Wits & Wagers). I am such a family-fun-time person that I could seriously replay last weekend for every weekend from now till spring. :)

:: back to school! I gave Will an extra week off since I was still getting back into normal routines and playing catch-up on all normal chores/ Christmas tear-down, so today we hit the books again. Apparently Tristan and Hallie have completely forgotten how to self-occupy over the last 3 weeks. We'll get there though.

:: traveling! We arrived home from another fabulously fun, family- and game-filled week in St. Louis last Monday. Dan pulled two amazing all-nighters, driving down and back in a single shot. Coming home we hit snow on 80 near Pittsburgh, so it took 18 hours to get here. I am thankful I did NOT attempt that trip solo. Driving 18 hours with three kids would send me into a permanent vegetative state.

:: milestones! Tristan turned three last month, and has attempted chewing gum twice-- once successfully, once not. This morning and he mournfully came to me with his hand on his tummy saying "It jis' went down! I can't get it back up!" Hallie has the next family b-day, (a fact she has been proclaiming since Dec. 19th) and she is happily counting down the next 3 months till her big 5 year-old party. She also has perfected whistling, a talent she has literally been working on for months. She now whistles all. day. long. and I have to admit, it is getting a little annoying. :/ I don't have the heart to tell her to quit though; she worked so hard to "get it"! Hopefully she will learn a tune or two soon and break away from the one-note constant serenade. Will has lost both bottom front teeth in the last week! He is very proud to show off his gap. He has a fairly loose top tooth as well, so he might just be Mr. Toothless before the winter is out!

:: new routines. One of my new years' resolutions was to get up before the kids M-F. It's been going great so far. I mentally feel so much more "on top" of the day if I can get my stuff done before the kids start waking and needing my assistance. Our days have been much smoother, a fact I truly love! And who doesn't love a little peace, quiet and tea in the mornings?! Another goal is to get the kids outside every day, and while last winter's plan of going outside after naps every day worked great, this year it isn't coming together at all in that timeframe, so I've decided to push Tristan's nap back a little and lunch up a little and head out right after lunch and before naps/quiet time. Hopefully this will work and we can all get in some much-needed fresh air time!

:: playing Scrabble. Man, I am so addicted! I play Wordscraper, Lexulous and Scrabble on facebook, and Words with Friends on my iPhone. Getting up early allows me to squeeze my words in when I have time to think clearly and... yeah. It's addicting. Watch out, you might be next! :)


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