Blogs That Make Money

I've been thinking alot lately about blogs that earn income for their owners. First of all, any blog that makes money (from what I can see) requires a great deal of time and effort as well as up-front costs (page design, giveaway products, etc.) While I don't have a problem with people making money off their blogs in theory, in practice it kind of irks me. One blog I follow was offered advertising at one point, and the owner refusing, citing his non-interest in "monetizing" his blog's community. While I think he has valid point... I can't say I would really mind a check arriving every month addressed to ME, earned by me talking about my life. Hmm.

What I fail to mention is that I really have neither the time nor inclination to sell my blog to the world in an effort to gain a following... not to mention the very real possibility that no one would find my life all that interesting anyway. :)

Note: If you are reading this on facebook, you can see by my status that I am taking a month-long break from that storied institution. I realized earlier today that my blog posts are auto-posting as fb Notes, so as of this post, I am turning that feature off. If you want to continue reading my ramblings, please visit me at my blog:


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