:: Bullet Points

:: After my laptop met its untimely demise a few weeks ago, one of my biggest "lost file regrets" was a digital family scrapbook that I'd been working on, off and on over the past month or so. I was planning to print it up (via shutterfly) as a hardcover book. (This being my solution to having finished Will & Hallie's first-year scrapbooks, and having Tristan's sitting disassembled in stacks of supplies and pictures on my craft table. *sigh*) At any rate, I thought I had lost this file, and although i could have begun again, I really didn't want to. GOOD NEWS: I had signed up for carbonite.com about 2 weeks before the crash, and although only about 2/3 of my data had been saved to carbonite, THE SCRAPBOOK FILE WAS THERE! :D I am thrilled. PS: Check out my inspiration at kellehampton.com. Scroll down a bit for some pretty amazing digital scrapbook pages (and story!)

:: I placed an online "clink-n-pull" order at Sam's Club today that Dan will pick up on his way home. Not having to go to Sam's with the kids= amazing. :)

:: Spring has sprung! The foot of snow that literally 3 days ago was blanketing our yard is nowhere to be seen. Yay for spring!

:: The kids and I are headed on (our 2nd official) field trip tomorrow: the Crayola factory! I KNOW they are going to have a total blast. I mean, what kids doesn't love an entire day of craftiness! And what mom doesn't love not having to clean up afterward. ;)

:: The longer I'm aways from facebook, the less I miss it. Oh the perils of a digital life!


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