My sister Emily is home on spring break, and since the rest of our family is in Florida right now, "home" is here with us. Yay! We are having a great time-- taking walks, playing with the kids, making homemade cinnamon rolls (with lots of butter, raisins and nuts of course!) and just hanging out together. Tonight we are going out to eat with another good friend. We're actually going to drive over an hour to get to a fondue restaurant in Bethlehem-- can't wait for that! :D

After that huge snow storm last week, the weather has been gorgeous. Blue, sunny skies and temps in the 50's! Of course it's hard to fully appreciate when there's still more than a full foot of snow on the ground, but hey, it is melting! The roads are drying out at least, so we can walk in a nearby subdivision in normal shoes! It's funny how the little signs of spring mean so much at the end of winter. :)


  1. 1. I am missing being at your house so much, doing all the activities you named above.

    2. There is a Melting Pot in Chattanooga just 25 min away from school!

    3. Can't wait for Easter!


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