More thoughts from the girl who is in apparent fb withdrawl:

Have you guys seen this? It's stinkin' GENIUS, people! :D Right now I am in love with anything starring Tim Hawkins. hahahahaha.

Ok. So I'm revamping my blog a little. Maybe it will inspire me to sit and actually WRITE the thoughts that are swirling around my brain every day instead of just rushing on by, leaving them as lost casualties to my busy life and multi-tasking brain.

Have any of you been following the story of the little girl who was (accidentally, I presume) killed via "discipline" by her conservative Christian parents? The story is here. It truly makes me sick to my stomach. That poor, sweet little girl. (Not to mention the sadly misinformed, delusional parents!) What in the world.

Dan and I are going out with friends tomorrow night for dinner and a movie. The kids love our sitter, and I think they're more excited about that than anything. Ha. It's nice having a bit more freedom to do this type of thing, since Tristan is now 3 and POTTY TRAINED. Yes, you read that right. We are officially a diaper-free household. (Well, at least for a few more months!)

I guess that's it for now. I posted a pic of the boys singing here on youtube today. It's pretty funny. Tristan tries so hard to sound just like his daddy with a deep voice! His cowboy hat and "microphone" crack. me. up. And Will on the other hand is such a cute, sincere boy. Gosh I love them.


  1. Yeah, when i read that article, I felt just sick to my stomach, you know? So awful....

    Any news on the baby and when you'll be getting her? ("her" is correct, right?)? So exciting!

  2. Sarah, I had not heard that story about the little girl. I am just sick over it! I have heard of that ministry and know people who follow it. Ugh.

  3. Brietta-- we're still waiting on our referral (that is, her picture, bio, med history, etc. It should be here by the end of the month, but no guarantees... :( I'm getting impatient! And yes, she's a girl. :)

    Alison-- I am still so upset about this. Why is no one at NGJ speaking out and saying how SORRY they are that someone took their teachings to such an extreme, and that they DON'T condone it?! Their "apology statement" was just so haughty and self-righteous. It just drives me nuts. :/


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