After a week of glorious springtime weather (made complete with long walks every day!!), today we have regressed into rainy, cooler weather. Will and I have been planning out our veggie garden together (check out for a simple online garden planner!) so today after finishing school, we ventured out to Michael's, Lowe's and Olive Garden to use up gift cards that I've had sitting around since my birthday last November. The kids each got a simple craft at Michael's (gotta love those $1 wood craft kits!) and I got materials to make a spring wreath. With $1.43 left on my gift card, I was happy. Then a quick stop at Lowe's where the kids picked out seeds with the most enthusiasm. Every packet was clutched and waved and after much yelling of "I wanna plant these!", we finally narrowed down our choices to (hopefully) the hardiest and most successful varieties. Then we met Dan at Olive Garden which was a fun treat. We rarely eat out with the kids, (and you could tell-- we need to refresh those eating-out table manners a bit!) Anyway, we had a good time. I had the Zuppa Toscana soup which was delish... and the kids loved seeing Dan mid-day (as did I ;)). I must say it was just a nice treat to break from our everyday pb&j routines! This afternoon, after naps, we ran over to my mom's greenhouse and planted 12 sunflowers and 4 pumpkin plant seeds. Will was actually the only one interested in helping. The other two got their hands slightly dirty and decided they did not want to plant after all! :) I have a list of plants that we'll be putting in our garden this summer as soon as it gets warm enough. I can't wait for garden-fresh produce! Yum!


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