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Hey all-
Just thought I'd post a bit on the adoption, timelines and stuff. :)

But first, one thing I am thrilled about is: last week, some friends of my brother and sister in law found out about M and happened to be traveling to Addis TODAY. They offered to take a care package to her, so I was able to quickly dig our some baby clothes, a few toys, and throw together a cloth "baby photo album" and send it for them to take to M. I am hopeful they will get some new pics for us also! We are so grateful to these unknown friends who are taking a little bit of love to our baby girl who is so far away.

Ok, so now that we have officially accepted our referral of our baby girl M, we are waiting for a court date. (Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot post pics or her real name in a public forum until after we pass court.) After our agency received our acceptance letter (on 3/30) they moved forward to request a court date. We will be notified of this court date roughly 2-5 weeks later, which is anytime between now and May 5.

Currently, court dates can range 4-8 weeks after the referral has been officially accepted, putting our potential court date somewhere between 4/28 and 5/26. Roughly 50% of adoptive families pass court on the first issued date, while 50% of the cases will require a second court date for successful completion. Second court dates can be issued 1 to 8 weeks after an initial court date (so... [my brain is rebelling right now..] IF we don't pass court on the first try, our second date would fall between 5/5 and 7/21.) Once we have successfully passed court, it can take 2-4 weeks to process post court paperwork. (Short end: 4/27, long end: 8/18.) Once this paperwork is completed, we can anticipate traveling 4-8 weeks later. Short version: Earliest possible travel date: May 25. Latest: September 15.

I am wanting so badly to be hopeful that we will pass court on our first try, and that everything will move easily and quickly and we'll have her home for the whole summer... but I feel like if I hope too hard I will jinx it all. (Terrible theology, I know.) I'm just scared to get my hopes up, I guess. Anyway, we will be hearing about the date for our court hearing between now and May 5th, so I am just keeping focused on that. It's the next step to bringing our sweet baby girl home! I've joined our agency's yahoo group, and have seen more families than not who passed court on the first try and then traveled shortly after, so we are not without hope.

Though sometimes.. the unknowing and uncertainty of it all just GETS to me... sometime between next month and the FALL we'll be traveling!? I feel like yelling, "Are you kidding me?! Can't you do a LITTLE better than this?!" And that attitude, as we all know, is so helpful. *sighs and rolls eyes* Patience, patience, Sarah...

If you think of it, please pray that we pass court on our first try. As soon as I know the exact date, I will post it and keep you all updated on anything else! :)


  1. Will pray! I can't imagine the suspense. I understand your feelings completely!

  2. thanks for the update! adoptions must be one of the best ways to practice patience and total trust in God! praying for her and the family that is taking her the care package.

  3. Sarah I didn't even realize you had a referral yet . . . I must have been on vacation when that happened. Congratulations! I remember having Megan's picture starting back at me from the refrigerator, my computer screen . . . anywhere I could put it. It was so hard to wait, and I only had to wait 6 weeks. I'll be praying that all goes well and the best possible time scenarios materialize for you. Will you and Dan both be traveling? My niece and her husband are waiting for an Ethiopian referral right now. So exciting! Welcome Baby M.! Can't wait to see your sweet face.

  4. Oops Sarah -- that was Jo Laws. I just couldn't remember passwords for all the silly profiles!

  5. Wow! This must be so hard! We are praying hard for everything to be quick and smooth. We are so excited for you guys. We know God has amazing things planned. I know it is tough to be patient. It will be worth it when you have your baby girl in your arms.


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