Book Review: Captivating

Let me just start by saying: I loved this book. John and Stasi Eldridge do a fabulous job of delving into the mysteries of being a woman and encapsulating the true desires of women as pertaining to self-image, relationships, and the way we are viewed by others.

One of my favorite sections in the book expounds on the common lie that women have bought over the years: that we are simultaneously "too much" and "not enough". We feel we are too needy, too emotional, too weak, too much work for guys to really get to know us. On the other hand we never have enough time, never enough grace, and no matter how hard we try at whatever we do, we won't feel that it is good enough.

I love how the Eldridges embrace the natural femininity that so many of us have squelched over the years, and encourage women in every stage of life to rediscover the hopes and dreams they once held, before the harsh realities of “real life” caused us to store them away for safekeeping.

I highly recommend this book. It is a well-written and interest-catching book, and you will come away encouraged to be a stronger, more empowered woman of God!


  1. I'm reading "Love and War", also by the two of them. I LOVE it! I got a little "John Eldgridged" out after reading three or four of his books in a row a few years ago.... but this book is great! I like having Stasi's input as well.


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