Hallie is 5

Today was Hallie's fifth birthday. Dan had a late meeting tonight, which is totally unusual for him, throwing off our traditional b-day dinner plans. (And my attempts at pushing the celebration off till tomorrow were soundly defeated. Anyway.) Dan was able to come home a little early (before leaving again) with Hallie's "big" present.... a fish! She has been asking for a pet fish for awhile, so her daddy got her a bright purple beta fish. She named "her" Pumpkin... and she frequently trots over to the side table where Pumpkin resides to "check on her". Here's hoping the little guy lives a long and healthy life!! :)

On a side note, as you may have seen on my facebook post, Will wrote Hallie a cute birthday message with sidewalk chalk. Although he missed a few vowels ("hppy" and "brthday"), he nailed "your"! When I asked him how he knew how to spell the word "your", he replied that he'd just seen it around and remembered how it was spelled. Wow. Not to brag, or even that I think it's a "good" thing, but that kid is so much like me in this area! Genetics are scary stuff.


  1. Annie won a goldfish on Saturday in a drawing....the fish (Zoe) died on Monday. I hope Hallie's lasts a lot longer than that! :)


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