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MDB Update- 6 mos. old today! :)

Okay so I guess last night was a bad time to update-- our pictures and May update arrived today! Poor baby girl has thrush AND an upper respiratory tract infection. :( I just want to get her home so she can have a mama take care of her full-time!! We got two new pictures though, that are adorable. Minkesh is 6 months old today! Happy half-birthday baby girl! We're coming for you as fast as we can.

Our social worker also called today and said that we will most likely be traveling in June! Yay! She said that as SOON as we are cleared (even it's it just 2 or 3 days before the travel date!) they will try to get us on the plane over there! So we really could be traveling a week from tomorrow! We obviously won't know till we get the phone call, but having Kristen say today that they think it's likely we'll be going soon boosted my (timid) hopes for a June arrival!
This pic is one we just got today. We have a purple bumbo seat just like this one, and Hallie was so impress…

and we wait

We are now waiting for the American Embassy to finish their investigation into baby Minkesh's case. We have four potential travel dates:
Wednesday, June 9th (travel dates of June 5th -12th ) Wednesday, June 23rd (travel dates of June 19th-26th) Wednesday, July 7th (travel dates of July 3rd -10th) Wednesday, July 21st (travel dates of July 17th-24th)
As soon as we hear that the investigation is done, we can buy tickets and go get our girl. It is kind of strange that we could be traveling a week from Saturday (!), or not until 6 weeks from now at the end of July. My heart is  constantly  jumping when I get an out-of-area call (which strangely enough has been happening a lot lately) because I keep thinking this could be THE CALL, that we are cleared to travel and can be OUT OF HERE to bring our baby home! I'm not sure I can take another 6 weeks of this! 
Funny side note: When an Ethiopian orphan passes through court, their adoptive parents become her legal guardians and they change her…

Baby Love


Details, Details...

So we passed court! We're now the legal guardians for our beautiful baby girl. Thank you Lord!! :D I was just thinking though, now that I'm coming back down to earth a bit, how hard this "hoping and waiting followed by elation just to have to wait some more" is. I am sure glad there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel, and it's coming soon! :)

So. Our agency will now apply for Olivia's visa, passport and new birth certificate, which will take about three weeks to complete. After these documents are ready, our agency will give our entire file -including the new documents- to the American Embassy who will review our file and make sure everything is in order, and issue our appointment with the Embassy.

We then travel to get her, and show up at our Embassy appointment in person. If all goes super well, we could have an appointment with the Embassy as early as June 23rd! Our other potential dates are July 7th and 21st. Of course we are praying for the Jun…


Olivia Hope is officially our baby girl! Thank you Jesus!

Our SW gave us three possible travel dates in late June and July.

Let's just say we're hoping for JUNE!! :D

Court Date! (Almost)

Well I spent most of the morning on pins and needles, checking and rechecking my cell phone, waiting for THE CALL from our agency. Finally, around noon they called. She said everything went really well, but one small piece of paperwork that we needed for our file, a letter from the Ministry of Women's Affairs, was still en route to the court and had not made it in time. :(

However, we have rescheduled our hearing for Wednesday, only TWO days away!

Pray with us that the letter arrives and we pass court on Wednesday!!


Well, it's been awhile! Last week we were visiting Dan's family and ALL THREE kids came down with a stomach bug. For days, it was coming out both ends-- I'll say no more. Somehow I still managed to have a pretty fun time despite the 1,020 loads of laundry that were done. ;)

We're six days out from our court date in ET for our baby girl. If you could keep us in your prayers from now till next Monday that we would pass court, we would all very much appreciate it! We also learned that our poor baby came down with chicken pox this week-- apparently it's making its way around the transition home. At least she'll be done with it at an early age! :)

Despite the chilly weather, I've been hard at work in my perennial bed-- weeding, mulching, planting. I love it, but have to admit I'm anxious for the real spring weather to arrive! (We actually had frost this morning!) Dan built me two 4x10 raised beds for which I'm busy planning my veggie garden. Those pumpki…