and we wait

We are now waiting for the American Embassy to finish their investigation into baby Minkesh's case. We have four potential travel dates:

Wednesday, June 9th (travel dates of June 5th -12th )
Wednesday, June 23rd (travel dates of June 19th-26th)
Wednesday, July 7th (travel dates of July 3rd -10th)
Wednesday, July 21st (travel dates of July 17th-24th)

As soon as we hear that the investigation is done, we can buy tickets and go get our girl. It is kind of strange that we could be traveling a week from Saturday (!), or not until 6 weeks from now at the end of July. My heart is  constantly  jumping when I get an out-of-area call (which strangely enough has been happening a lot lately) because I keep thinking this could be THE CALL, that we are cleared to travel and can be OUT OF HERE to bring our baby home! I'm not sure I can take another 6 weeks of this! 

Funny side note: When an Ethiopian orphan passes through court, their adoptive parents become her legal guardians and they change her official name to her own Ethiopian first name, and give her the father's first and last name as her middle and last name. So, our little girl's official name on all her documents, passport, visa, etc. is Minkesh Daniel Block! Ha! When Dan found out, he was like, "I think we should keep it. It has a great ring to it." Haha! 

While I was steam-cleaning our bedroom rug today (yeah, I'm a little behind on my spring cleaning) I was singing (to myself) the old Twila Paris song "He is No Fool" based on the Jim Elliot quote, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." Remember that oldie but goodie? 

"He is no fool-- if he would choose-- to give the thing he cannot keep, to buy what he can never lose. To see the treasure in one soul, that far outshines the brightest gold." 

I was almost in tears thinking of all the paperwork, effort, time, money that has gone into the adoption of this one precious little girl. She is so worth every pinched dollar, every notary run, every fingerprint appointment and every email to our social worker! There is nothing greater than a little life, once lost, but now found. Oh I can't wait to get her home.


  1. I hope your wait is over soon. Your story about the phone reminds me of the final days of a pregnancy when you question every twinge wondering if "this is it". We don't get to chose when our children come but they are sure worth the wait. Good luck!


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