Details, Details...

So we passed court! We're now the legal guardians for our beautiful baby girl. Thank you Lord!! :D I was just thinking though, now that I'm coming back down to earth a bit, how hard this "hoping and waiting followed by elation just to have to wait some more" is. I am sure glad there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel, and it's coming soon! :)

So. Our agency will now apply for Olivia's visa, passport and new birth certificate, which will take about three weeks to complete. After these documents are ready, our agency will give our entire file -including the new documents- to the American Embassy who will review our file and make sure everything is in order, and issue our appointment with the Embassy.

We then travel to get her, and show up at our Embassy appointment in person. If all goes super well, we could have an appointment with the Embassy as early as June 23rd! Our other potential dates are July 7th and 21st. Of course we are praying for the June date-- how awesome would it be to have her home for nearly the whole summer! (And this is sort of insignificant, but the June date is the one day we don't already have something else going on, so if that worked out, it would be fabulous. Of course we will go get her anyway, any day!!!)

Dan's mom has already let us know that she will come stay with our other kids any of those dates. What a sweet lady!! (She's a fabulous mom, mother-in-law and grandma. I seriously couldn't ask for better!) :)

So now we wait again. Hopefully in three weeks we'll hear about our Embassy investigation, and whether or not we will make that June date. Pray with us that we will-- we'll keep you posted! :)


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