MDB Update- 6 mos. old today! :)

Okay so I guess last night was a bad time to update-- our pictures and May update arrived today! Poor baby girl has thrush AND an upper respiratory tract infection. :( I just want to get her home so she can have a mama take care of her full-time!! We got two new pictures though, that are adorable. Minkesh is 6 months old today! Happy half-birthday baby girl! We're coming for you as fast as we can.

Our social worker also called today and said that we will most likely be traveling in June! Yay! She said that as SOON as we are cleared (even it's it just 2 or 3 days before the travel date!) they will try to get us on the plane over there! So we really could be traveling a week from tomorrow! We obviously won't know till we get the phone call, but having Kristen say today that they think it's likely we'll be going soon boosted my (timid) hopes for a June arrival!

This pic is one we just got today. We have a purple bumbo seat just like this one, and Hallie was so impressed that she now has two purple bumbo seats, one for Africa and one for our house! :) Stay tuned-- we hope to have good news soon! :)


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