Well, it's been awhile! Last week we were visiting Dan's family and ALL THREE kids came down with a stomach bug. For days, it was coming out both ends-- I'll say no more. Somehow I still managed to have a pretty fun time despite the 1,020 loads of laundry that were done. ;)

We're six days out from our court date in ET for our baby girl. If you could keep us in your prayers from now till next Monday that we would pass court, we would all very much appreciate it! We also learned that our poor baby came down with chicken pox this week-- apparently it's making its way around the transition home. At least she'll be done with it at an early age! :)

Despite the chilly weather, I've been hard at work in my perennial bed-- weeding, mulching, planting. I love it, but have to admit I'm anxious for the real spring weather to arrive! (We actually had frost this morning!) Dan built me two 4x10 raised beds for which I'm busy planning my veggie garden. Those pumpkin plants the kids and I started last month are getting huge-- thery're nearly vines already! Now if I could just get them in the ground we might be alright. :)

I've been working on my digital scrapbooking off and on, and I'm just about done with our family's 2009 album. My goal is to (have I written about this before?) to make a family album for each year (starting in 2003, when our picture taking really took off) (and yes, that was the year Will was born :)). I'm working backwards, and hopefully I'll get done/caught up to the current year in... oh, the next decade or so. ;)

Will has 4 weeks left of school. Obviously we won't be done by the end of May, but early June isn't too bad IMO! I'm a little worried about any over-the-summer regression... Hopefully I will remember to RELAX and not worry about it. He can catch it up next fall!

I have two new books sitting upstairs: Bringing Up Girls and I Am Hutterite. (Both free through blogging for book programs! Gotta love it. :)) Now I just have to read them and write the reviews! ...Oh look at the time...


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