Are We... Aren't We... ??

So our social worker told us a few days ago that if we're going to be traveling this Saturday, we should have THE CALL by today or tomorrow. So we're halfway through this two-day waiting game... if they don't call tomorrow, we will be expecting to travel in two weeks, on June 19.

In other news, Will and I only have about two days of official school left till we wrap up 36 weeks of Kindergarten! Dan and I are going to take him out for dinner to celebrate. I am so proud of the way he has tackled school this year! Not only has he memorized 26 Bible verses (with references!) and the poem "Trees", he can read at a 3rd grade level and works hard at every subject we tackle. His hands-down favorite subject is Science. (It is a pretty fun science curriculum, I must admit...) His and Hallie's books for next year arrived a few days ago and Hallie is sooo excited about starting school with Will in the fall. She has been sitting down with us the past few days, pulling out her new books and begging to "do school." Ahh if that would only last forever! :)

This adoption travel limbo-land we are in is a bit frustrating at times. It's hard to plan ahead AT ALL, not knowing if we'll be here next week or not, and not knowing really anything until right up until the last minute! I am trying hard to remain flexible, take a big-picture view, and not stress about the details. I am a pretty good last-minute packer, although I haven't tried it on an international trip in awhile... and then I have to pack for the baby too! I should probably just do that now so her bag is ready whenever it is we end up going.

So. That's it for now. I'll be sure to update as soon as we hear anything!!


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