Book Review: Bringing Up Girls

This was, I think, the very first book I've read by renowned author Dr. James Dobson! (I'm not sure if that's a good selling point or not. ;))

Anyway, I had no idea what to expect when I started this book, but overall, I was pleased with it. It covered, in Dobson's friendly, conversational style, many aspects that go into raising healthy girls, and while much of what he writes about seemed to be common sense (to me), there were several chapters that I read eagerly, happy to be gleaning more information about these complicated little creatures we call girls!

I especially loved his charm-bracelet story by the girl who saved herself for her future husband. What a great idea! I plan to give Hallie (and Olivia! wow! :)) similar bracelets of their own one day... if finding bracelets in that unique style is not too difficult!

I appreciated all the research Dr. Dobson went through for the writing of his book. Although sometimes reading the research behind the topics got a bit dry, it is good to know that his thoughts are based on quality research and not just ideologically driven.

Reading this book (and seeing how much of it I could mentally check off as something we are already doing or are planning to do with Hallie and/or Olivia) made me very grateful for the (mostly! ;)) grounded backgrounds that Dan and I come from. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to get off on the right parenting foot with the solid parenting that we have had in our lives. I recommend this book to anyone raising girls-- Dr. Dobson addresses a lot of good points with grace and humor, and I think you could definitely not be any worse off in your parenting for having read this book!


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