Day 3

Being home has, so far, been a smooth transition. Olivia fits into our family so perfectly! All three kids are in love with her... she is a sweet, easy-going baby, making her all the more easy to love. :)

The only thing I am struggling with so far is finding my stride. Before, I had life with three kids pretty much down to a science-- I knew how to utilize my time and how much time I needed for certain tasks. Now I am trying to do everything with an infant in tow, and am finding myself much less efficient and hours can blow by without me accomplishing much of anything. Add to that the complicated task of trying to nurse a baby who has been bottle-fed most of her life, and you can see that my life (as I knew it) is in shambles.

The great thing is that it's ok, because life as I knew it with three kids is non-existent! Soon I will find a new rhythm with four kids that will be just as great. And I need to remember that this is day 3, not week 3, and that everything takes time. Especially adding a 7-month-old family member and having three of us coming off major jet lag. :)

I want to write a comprehensive post about our trip, but like I said, time is suddenly of the essence and I feel guilty even sitting down to write this post while she naps. So much to do! I will hopefully be checking back in again soon!


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  2. I'm so excited for this new little one in your family. Olivia is so adorable! It makes me anxious to start the adoption process now, but I know I must wait on God's time. :)

  3. Sarah, glad to hear that Olivia is a huge blessing to your family! She's so adorable, I wish I could hold her! I have a gift for her, but can't seem to get to the post office to mail it. I'll do that soon.
    You should check out my new blogspot! I'm excited that I finally got it up and running so I can share my pictures that I'm taking, and some of my thoughts! I enjoy reading your posts, it's fun to catch up even though we can't talk much!
    Talk to you soon (or at least write soon!),


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