Stream of Consciousness Post (but aren't they all?) :)

I talked to our social worker today. She said that she was really surprised that we hadn't gotten "the call" yet, (the one saying we are done our embassy investigation and cleared to travel) but that possibly because of the Memorial holiday (which some Ethiopians apparently take time off for as well), our investigation hasn't been officially closed. She said we should absolutely be expecting to travel on the 19th so... we are! Two weeks from tomorrow, we're coming for you, baby girl!

I have planned a girls' getaway weekend with two friends, which is next weekend! I am very excited about getting away for a few days before we go get our baby girl.... mostly because this will be my first ever mom's time away, and also because I  know I won't be getting the chance to get away again for a long time! And also because when I get home we'll be (hopefully!) just 6 days from ET! Woooo! (And also because it will be fabulous to spend time doing nothing but exactly what I feel like doing at any given moment!!) What a concept.

I am loving my garden this year. I have planted (with the kids' help, of course) broccoli, sweet yellow peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peas, beans, pumpkins, basil and (tomorrow), summer squash and zucchini will join the crew. Will's personal addition was sunflowers. Not the small kind, but the giant 6' tall kind. Natch.  Additionally, my perennial bed is doing so well! It has made leaps and bounds since its modest beginnings last year. It's silly, but I love going out and dead-heading and poking around and well, just standing and beaming very maternally at my pretty plants that are just growing so bountifully. Pathetic, I know. But I don't care. :)

Today when I got the mail there were several Priority Mail packages from other adoptive families for whom we're taking care packages over to ET. There was also a Priority Mail box from one of my friends in STL.... strange, I thought. What could she be sending me?! Turns out, it was a lovely package for Olivia-- a beautiful dress, and a headband with a big pink daisy! And, she included matching daisy clips for Hallie and me, which we promptly modeled and tried on different sides of our heads... and talked about how we only have a few more weeks till we can, all three of us Block girls, wear our daisies together. It was my first "new baby" gift for Miss Livi Lou, (besides from my mom, of course) and I was (and am) so thrilled. Thank you, Mindy. You made my day! :)

Our community has this fun little summer tradition where on Friday nights, families gather at the beach by Bear Creek lake in an impromptu, neighborly, bring-your-own-pizza picnic dinner. The kids eat pizza and run and laugh and swim and play ball while the adults stand around and socialize and keep a general eye on the younger ones. It is a fun and relaxing way to usher in the weekend, and when we drive home in the dusk, with dirty, tired, happy kids, I'm reminded of just why I love summers in Bear Creek so very much!


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