This Is It.

Tonight is my last night tucking three cute blonde kiddos into bed.

Last night being a mom of three, in a quiet post-bedtime house.

Last time I'll drive home from the lake with a girl behind me and two boys in the back.
Next time I tuck the kids into bed, I'll be the proud mama of four munchkins, including one beautiful brown baby who we can't wait to get our hands on.

Tomorrow we drive two hours to Philly, fly 8 hours to Frankfort, then 7 to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and next Friday we do it all over again in reverse. Next Saturday I'll be home and tucking four beautiful children into bed, and I'll get to do it again all summer long. All year. For years. How great is that?

I can't believe that our 19 month journey to adoption is nearly complete. We are almost done. So close. 
We will have internet access at the guest house where we'll be staying, so I hope to catch a few minutes here and there to update on how the trip is going. If not, I will definitely post all about the trip when we get home! Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes! We love you all!!! :)


  1. OOOHHHHH......such a sweet post! I can't wait for you to be home with your precious little girl, tucking in FOUR little munchkins! Looking forward to whatever updates you can post during your time there ~ or once home ~ either way! Praying for your travels and your union with her!

  2. SO exciting! I can't wait to see pics of your trip!
    And I was happy to see the name you gave your baby oldest daughter is Olivia! SUCH a special name!
    Thanks again for taking our care package over. I am so excited to know she will FINALLY know who we are. In His Love, Jeanine (aka Allie on my blog)


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