Today I was at the BC lake play area with my kids and a friend and her kids, when, upon one of my many daily compulsive cell phone checks, I saw I had MISSED A CALL from the (703) area code!!!!!! Horrors!!! Of course I IMMEDIATELY began listening to the voicemail, and it sounded like Theresa (our interim travel coordinator) was simply introducing herself, when suddenly she added.... "and I have some great news for you so if you could give me a call back..." at which point I abruptly ended the voicemail and hit redial... at which point I was connected to Theresa and got the big news firsthand! The embassy has finished their investigation, and we are cleared to travel and bring our baby girl home! We are taking my younger sister Abby (she's 14) with us, who will, along with her new tough-as-nails camera, be documenting our trip in picture and video! We have a call in to the travel agency to book our tickets... and we will be leaving for ET in nine days! YES!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! :D

Hang on, we are coming for you, sweet baby girl!


  1. Awesome news Sarah! I am soooo excited for you!

  2. Wonderful news!!!!!!! I hope to be able to meet you there! my flight is on Friday, the 18th!!! Email me at Ryanashlie@aol.com if you have any time to talk! If not, I'll probably meet you at the Yebsabi Guest house! Are you staying there???


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