We made it to Addis Ababa! We are staying at the Yebsabi Guest House. It's COLD here, a lot more than I was expecting. I have no idea why I didn't believe the weather reports. I brought 2 long sleeve shirts, and the rest are shortsleeved. I'm sure I'll be fine. :)

Our group of 6 families finally all made it through "customs" and met our drivers last night. Last night we went to bed at 2pm EST and got up at 1:45am EST. Which is actually 9p-8:45a here, so not bad at all! I slept 2 hrs. of the Philly-Frankfort leg and then not at all from Frankfort to Addis, so it helped that I was tired. 

We are going to try going to church this am (if I can get Dan out of bed ;)) and then see what happens. Today is a down day-- our official itinerary starts tomorrow. (If you don't stay over a Saturday night, airline prices double. Go figure.) 

Anyway, the most "exciting" part of the trip thus far has been in Frankfort. They changed our gate, so we had went all the way (through security) to the wrong gate, only to be told we had to go to a completely different concourse. We RAN (literally; I had leg cramps on the plane-- how pathetic is that) about 1/2 mile with all out junk to the other security line, got bumped to the front of the line, got my breastpump bag hand-searched for the 100th time, and then RAN through the concourse all the way to the end (gate B60 if you're ever in Frankfort ;)). They had held the plane, and we straggled on and collapsed. Dan and Abby had seats together in the back, and I ended up sitting (right behind EMPTY business class, grr) next to a really nice AWAA dad who was heading to meet his wife and twin 7-mo. girls in Addis. :)

So tomorrow is our "meetcha" day!!! We FINALLY get to meet our baby girl!!! :D
More later--



  1. I'm all teary! So exciting, Sarah! (On a side-note, I had wondered if you were going to try relactation. Cool!) Hope everything goes well. We ran through the Paris airport once, but there was not nearly so much at stake. Glad you made it! And I'm so excited to hear about you meeting your little one!


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