Well, the past few days has been quite the adventure. I was on a girls' weekend with two friends from St. Louis, when I got the call that Dan was being hospitalized back here in PA with unknown heart issues: irregular heart rate, chest pain and fever. Initial medical guess ranged from pleurisy to a pulmonary embolism to a heart attack. The outlook for our pending ET trip wasn't good. I quickly cut my trip short and flew home to be with Dan and the kids. And after lots and lots of testing, it turns out that he is in great cardiac shape, and that all this was due to a "perfect storm" of an asthma attack, a mutant H1N1 flu virus, and stress. Goodnight!!! He has one more EKG tomorrow, just to make sure they didn't miss anything, but otherwise he is cleared to go on Friday! Thank you Jesus.

Dan's mom arrives Friday around 11:30 and Dan, Abby and I leave for Philly at 1:30. (Not a lot of overlap!) We're praying that they have a peaceful week without us. We've never left them for close to 8 days before, so this will be a new experience for everyone!! And, I found out that some other parents from our agency will be flying the Philly-Frankfort and also the Frankfort-Addis leg of the journey with us! Exciting!! There is wireless internet at the guest house where we'll be staying in ET, so we're taking the laptop to hopefully have spare time (haha) to keep you all updated while we're away!!

Three days and counting! :)


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