Book Review: Hurricanes in Paradise

This is a review of Hurricanes in Paradise, by Denise Hildreth. Coming off my so-so read by Karen Kingsbury, I loved this book. I loved her characters and the way she built the storyline. I like that her characters were very "real", dealt with real-life issues, and everything didn't just pan out "just so" as most chick-lit novels are apt to do.

Even though I am not Southern (far from it, actually ;)) I did appreciate the Southern charm she threw in to the plot, since I  don't know much about the Southern culture at all.

This book was a light, fun read that dealt tactfully with several weighty issues (HIV, adultery, death, etc.) in a fairly thought-provoking way, given the genre's general tendency to shy far from such  topics. I enjoyed this book and recommend it as a good summer read!


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