Book Review: A Time to Dance

This is a review of Karen Kingbury's novel A Time to Dance, which is in her "Timeless Love" series. I finished this book about a week ago, and I have to say that I was not very impressed with it. I am generally a non-critical, fairly passive fan of chick lit. Something about Kingsbury as an author has never particularly grabbed me, though, and this book was no different. I am pretty sure this is my second Kingsbury book. I know there are lots of Kingsbury fans, but somehow she just... doesn't... "do it" for me. 

I liked the premise of the book (John and Abby hit a crisis in their marriage after 20+ years, and are headed for divorce) because I know personally of several couples to whom this has happened, so I was hopeful going into the book that Kingsbury would deal with the situation in a realistic (yet still romantic) way. What bothered me most was that 90% of the book was about John and Abby hating each other, and then in the last 10 pages they suddenly reconcile. It didn't ring true to me as realistic at all. How many couples, after years of neglecting their relationships, just suddenly have a magical turnaround and fall back in love and pick up where they left off? It seems to me that lots of intensive counseling would be needed to pull of a relationship rescue of this magnitude, not to mention the two of them together working through all the issues that got them to that place in the first place. 

Even though I enjoy chick lit, Kinsgbury as an author unfortunately does not cut it for me. As much as I would LIKE to like her books, I just, for some reason, can't. 


  1. I honestly have a difficult time getting into Christian fiction... I enjoy nonfiction much more! Not a bad thing, I guess. lol

    BTW, I started a blog as well if you wanna check it out! :)

  2. Ok. Karen Kingsbury is mind-numbing for me as well. But I end up crying at most of her books... however, I agree with thee--they are fairly unrealistic. I do like--and whole-heartedly recommend--her poem on lasts...


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