One Month Home

It has been one month since we came off the jetway in Philly with our sweet baby girl. I can hardly believe it!

It's crazy-- most times I can hardly remember life without four kids and just bask in the loveliness of our pretty baby girl's smiles and coos... but sometimes (usually when I am singlehandedly trying to "rush" out the door) I think to myself.... WOW! Four kids is wayyy harder than three!

We are so very, very blessed to have sweet Olivia as part of our family. Adoption is just such an amazing thing, you know? An orphan from Africa with no future is now an integral, beloved family member. Her bright eyes and happy giggles remind me every day what a blessing she is to have as part of our family! It's truly such a crazy, mind-blowing thing!

Here are a few pics from the last month. :)

cute baby <3

my 3am laundry helper, her first week home

cuddles with big brother Will

please notice Tristan's very SCARY tiger teeth!
(taken with the awesome Hipstamatic iPhone app :))

a VERY proud big sister with her super-happy-hand-flapping baby sis!

all of us at Olivia's dedication at church last weekend 
(Hallie is wearing a dress we brought back from ET for her!)


  1. Cute pictures! She is beautiful!! Love the new blog look as well.

  2. Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. :-) Beautiful pictures. Olivia is a doll.

  3. Love all the pics, but the four kids together is just the best and made me cry!(maybe I am a little emotional this morning - but oh well!)
    I like the new background too!


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