Book Review: Angel Song

I finished reading Angel Song by Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman last week. Life has been crazy lately, and I"m just now getting around to writing a review. 

When tragedy strikes Ann's life, she is haunted by what she thinks is an audible hallucination, but comes later to think of as angel song. Ann is tasked with preparing her childhood home for sale, and through her relationships with her sister's neighbor, her neighbor's Down Syndrome son, and their friends, she finds love and healing. I enjoyed this book. I don't know what I think about Ann hearing the "angel song" (it turns out that the neighbor's son also hears the music), but whether it is real or not, it's an interesting element to throw into the plot. 

The book has the requisite "chick lit" aspects, but it is also original in enough ways to keep you reading and interested in where the story is going. 

Side note: if anyone ever reads one of these book reviews of mine and wants to borrow the book, let me know! I rarely read a book twice, and all these books are sent to me free for review. I love to share. :)


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