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I have been listening to Chris Rice a lot lately. His stuff is just good. I play it in the kitchen while I'm cooking/feeding kids, and at night when I'm doing stuff around the house. I love all his albums, but lately I've been listening to the "Peace Like A River: The Hymns Project" album to start, and then letting it run on shuffle from there. The old hymns have such good theology. It's something I truly miss in modern worship music. Where are the lines like "He to rescue me from danger, interposed His precious blood" or "When my eyes shall close in death; when I rise to worlds unknown and behold Thee on Thy throne" or "Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also; the body they may kill; God's truth abideth still" or "Oh that day when, free from sinning, I shall see Thy lovely face; clothed then in blood-washed linen, how I'll sing Thy songs of grace." Where are they? Are they too un-PC for Reuben Morgan?? …

My little drummer boy :)


The world's cutest 7 year-old...

...and his creations!

This is the aptly named, "One-Hundred Percent World Record" airship. It can fly all the way to Pluto (which, as all good scholars know, is a current impossibility by any other aircraft.) The bricks in his right hand "weigh as much as a thousand brick houses", but amazingly, the OHPWR carries them with ease.

Hallie and mama go for a walk


Livi loves the lake!



:: routine has been returning. Not the rigid kind that you might expect, but ... just doing little things, prep work the night before, for example, that makes our mornings go that much smoother.

:: along with routine, our church has kicked off a 30-day read-through-the-Gospels challenge that Dan and I have a decent bet riding on, significantly increasing the likelihood that we will both complete the challenge. (Nothing like a little competition to spur on your devotions, right?!) :)

:: even though we are back in a fall routine, and already two weeks into school, I am dreading the end of summer. I have this dreaded sinking feeling that fall is just around the corner, and this year, like never before, I am so loathe for summer to end. I just love summer so much! This is the first year I can ever remember not being ready for fall. I usually love the fresh start fall provides, but this year... I dunno. Last night after dinner we took the kids swimming at the lake, and I couldn't help …