A Bloggy Award!

I am happy to accept, very belatedly, this award from one of my childhood friends, Alison! Alison and I were in the same homeschoolers support group growing up, and one of my earliest memories of her is of sitting in a book club together. Some things never change! :-)

Now, about this award--
Rules of The Versatile Blogger award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass on the award to fifteen deserving bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers you chose for the award.

Seven things you might not know about me:
1. I am a fanatical fan of The Sound of Music. I know all the music, much of the dialogue, all the actors real names, a lot of the background info, own the soundtrack... and have seen the play in Broadway, Philly, and STL... and been to the sing-along showings twice. (Wow, I can't believe I actually admitted to all that. :b)

2. I'm a news and talk-radio junkie. Although I generally consider my political views conservative, I am not conservative enough to enjoy Rush and Michael Savage. I do love the local talk stations though, and some of the nationwide hosts as well. I compulsively read ABC news stories on my iPhone.

3.  I have never been to South America or Antarctica, and would like to go someday so I can round out all seven continents before I die.

4. I like wine, and pretty much all girly drinks, but I loathe beer. 

5.  I would love to get a dog (or a cat!) for the kids, but the thought of pet hair in the house makes me twitch. As ugly as they are, recently I have begun thinking about getting a hairless cat! 

6. I love, love, love the ocean. The Jersey Shore is pretty much the best place on earth on a summer day.

7. I don't really like to cook, or bake. I do it because I have to. I do like to eat what I make though, so it evens out. :)

And now, for the new recipients of the award!
1. Anna, sister extrordinaire
2. Emily, other sister extrordinaire! 
3. Shelley, awesome sister in law
4. Katharine, another awesome sister in law! 
5. Kristin, a pretty amazing cousin
6. Jenni, pen pals since 2nd grade. Oh yes.
7. Amanda, friend since the early days of marriage, and fellow adoptive mommy
8. Mindy, MOPS friend from my freakin' awesome MOPS days!!
9. Nichole, a very sweet friend, married to one of Dan's oldest friends!
10. April, another good STL friend!
11. Suzanna. Actually my sister's friend, but mine too since we've gotten older. Funny how that works.
12. Ashlie. We met in the Philly airport, on the way to Ethiopia, headed to get our babies. <3
13. Wendy. She recently moved to CO, just as we were getting to be friends! Boo. 
14. Jen. Sister in law and recent mother of my very sweet twin nieces!
15. Brietta, a bloggy friend that I got to meet IRL last winter! :)


  1. Love this Sare! I am def going to pass it along!


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