One Month Later...

I realized when I logged in tonight that it's been a whole month since I last blogged! I am such a slacker. (I hope at least you all think that even if I'm slacking on blogging, I'm not slacking on the home front!!!)

Anyway, I will be keeping it short and sweet tonight. We have our wood fire going tonight for the first time this year... yay for cozy, homey wood fires! (And boo for dusting all that soot off the mantle every week!!)

Sweet Miss Olivia turned 11 mos. old a few days ago, which also means we've been home 4 months-- a third of a year, and over half as long as her life before us. I can't believe she'll be one soon. What the HECK is that about. Can't my baby just stay a baby?? The kids are really enjoying having her be more interactive though. She is more amenable to being carted about and plopped here and there than she used to be, which is nice for me, and for the over-eager older siblings too!


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