Review: What's In The Bible #4... AND A DVD GIVEAWAY!!! :D

This is my second review for the What's In The Bible DVD series, put out by Tyndale and created by Phil Vischer, of VeggieTales fame.

My kids love these DVDs. They are easily their favorite movies to watch, and as I've stated before, the videos are chock full of good, solid biblical teaching, much of which I didn't even have a really thorough grasp of myself! WITB #4 covers Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. They are full of hilarious puppet characters, from a conservative priest to two Aussies on safari to Cap'n Pete (Tristan's personal favorite), a pirate who spends most of the episode in a hot air balloon. :)

I asked Will a few questions about the DVD:
What did you learn from the DVD? I learned a lot of stuff about the Bible I didn't know before. I learned what the Pentateuch is. (That's actually from WITB #3..) and I learned about obeying God.
Do you like WITB? YES! I loooooove it.
Would you like to watch the next WITB DVD? Yessssssss!! (grinning, crossing his eyes, and panting like a dog.) [Ummm, ok.]
Who is your favorite character? The Bentley Brothers! They are so funny and I love their songs.

I have sat and watched WITB with the kids a few times. The kids ask all kinds of questions during the show if I am sitting with them, which I love. We get to discuss things like Israel's cycle of apostasy and why they didn't have a king like their neighbors and who the judges were and what they did. It's great discussion, and the kids are really learning the foundations of the Bible in a fun and easily assimilated way.

And now the best part: I have been given a coupon for a FREE WITB # 4 DVD! I will be giving it away to one random commenter on my blog. If you are reading this on somewhere other than my blog ( then hop on over, leave a comment, and you'll be entered in the drawing! The drawing will end Sunday, Nov. 14 at 6pm EST. Good luck! :)


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed these! I have been seeing them advertised and had heard they were good but no first hand opinions. Would love to win one for my 3 kiddos AND Baby Olivia who is on the way!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I'm thinking these should be added to our Christmas list! :-)

  3. crap! It's 6:17pm!! Can I still qualify!??! :)


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