Today at "recess"...

I always send the older kids outside to burn off steam for about 45 min., after school and lunch, and before rest time. Today Tristan came busting through the back door with this gem:

"Ummm, mommy? I was trying to go pee standing up, and I peed a little in my pants."


Upon further investigation, I found his underwear, pants and socks (!) completely soaked. (And, I am wondering, did he actually get any on the ground?!)

After changing, Tristan, nonplussed, proudly proclaimed to "the guys," "Hey guys! I went pee standing up!"

It's the little things. :)


  1. That is a gem! So, did you ever get my email about The Versatile Blogger? You won a blog award, you slacker! Here's the link to my post.


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