Book Review: A Time to Embrace

From Publisher's Weekly: In this sequel to A Time to Dance, beloved evangelical Christian novelist Kingsbury brings readers up to date on the trials and tribulations of Abby and John Reynolds, who, after 20-plus years of marriage, are enjoying something of a second honeymoon. Then John's career comes under attack when anonymous letters smearing his reputation are sent to the high school where he coaches. Worse still, he is in a car accident (a well-worn device of evangelical fiction), which he survives but which paralyzes him from the waist down. Abby and John's new challenges sit at the center of this novel, but there are several engaging subplots keeping the narrative moving at a fast clip: their newly married daughter learns she's pregnant, even though she had planned to wait four years before starting a family; a divorced couple is thrown back together and must work out their anger and mistrust; and Jake Daniels, the student whose car hit Coach Reynolds, must try to forgive himself for injuring his mentor. 

I decided to review this book, because after reading a Time to Dance, I was curious where John and Abby's story would end up. Unlike that first book, which I found highly predictable, I enjoyed this one a bit more mostly because I could never figure out where the plot would end up. (Although maybe I should have-- does Christian chick-lit ever have anything not turn out perfect??) There were enough unknowns thrown into the story that I was interested in reading to see what happened.


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