Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am thrilled to announce that today we received our referral for our gorgeous baby girl, "M"! She's four months old, 13 lbs. and aside from a minor eye infection, completely healthy. We are soooo thankful!! Hopefully we will be bringing her home in the next few months! We will, of course, keep you posted. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Opposite Extremes.... welcome to my life. :)

Friday night I went to Young Adults Rec Night at our old church's gym. This is a night where college-kids-and-above gather to beat the crap out of each other. *ahem* Actually, we play 5 hours of hardcore kickball, dodgeball, wallyball, and awesomeball. (That last being a game similar to ultimate frisbee, but played with a rugby ball and full-on tackles. Game on.)

Anyway, after disbanding around midnight and falling into bed 20 min. later... I am officially SORE today. Yesterday I felt pretty good, but today, geez.... my butt, quads, arms and abs just HURT. It was loads of fun and (apparently) an awesome workout to boot. So that was Friday night-- seriously one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time.


Saturday night, Dan and I were invited (by a lawyer-friend of Dan's) to a fundraiser dinner for the CYC at an exclusive club. The tickets were $125 apiece, (Ridiculous, if you ask me. But since the whole thing was a fundraiser, I didn't mind that much, especially since we weren't paying. :D Anyway.)

The place was packed out with snooty-falooties, and when only 5 minutes into the evening, Dan strikes up conversation with a guy who he sits on the board of the Y with, I am mentally starting to freak out. I know no one here. I do not fit in here at all. I have no clue who the guy Dan is talking to is, or what they are talking about. I stick out (in my mind) like a sore thumb. I have nothing in common with these people. I excuse myself to the coat room to hang up my coat-- and chew myself out. "Pull yourself together! Be gracious. Act interested in what people are saying. Laugh easily. Be yourself."

With a huge sigh of bravado (which I totally didn't feel) I made my way back into the packed room. I decided to sidestep Dan and his pal and instead grabbed a drink and started watching the Kansas State-Butler game. Randomly, the lawyer who invited us was walking by, recognized me, and struck up a conversation. Twenty minutes later, Dan showed up... and things went smoothly the rest of the evening. Even though I lost every item I bid on in the silent auction, and a public school teacher was full-out rude to me about homechooling, the food was great, and I was able to relax, and was part of a very interesting conversation to boot!

Moral of the story: Even though I feel infinitely more comfortable in ratty clothes taking people out on a basketball court, I can hold my own in civilized society. Good to know. ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a story worth reading

I read this today and was so challenged. What am I truly sacrificing in my life?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have a standby bread recipe that I use in my breadmaker literally every time I'm making bread. A few times, when I've have had extra time (like today) I have thrown all the dry ingredients into 3 or 4 ziploc bags and tossed them in the freezer. This is hugely helpful for those times when it's 4:30 and (almost) all I have to do is pull a bag out of the oven and dump it in the breadmaker. Here's my recipe:

In a baggie (or in your breadmaker) combine:
2.5 c bread flour
3 tsp. yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 c quick oats (if you're out of quick oats like I was tonight, throw some rolled oats in the blender for a few seconds and *voila*: quick oats. :)) (Which reminds me of a time recently that I saw "voila" spelled "wallah" on a blog comment. At first I was thoroughly confused but then it dawned on me..... WOW.)

When you're ready to make bread, dump a baggie into your machine (or to the ingredients already in there,) add:

1 cup very warm water
1.5 tbsp honey AND butter

I use my machine's "super rapid" setting, which is 59 min. It's amazing to me that with just one hour's foresight, I can have warm, homemade bread for dinner! Love it. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


After a week of glorious springtime weather (made complete with long walks every day!!), today we have regressed into rainy, cooler weather. Will and I have been planning out our veggie garden together (check out for a simple online garden planner!) so today after finishing school, we ventured out to Michael's, Lowe's and Olive Garden to use up gift cards that I've had sitting around since my birthday last November. The kids each got a simple craft at Michael's (gotta love those $1 wood craft kits!) and I got materials to make a spring wreath. With $1.43 left on my gift card, I was happy. Then a quick stop at Lowe's where the kids picked out seeds with the most enthusiasm. Every packet was clutched and waved and after much yelling of "I wanna plant these!", we finally narrowed down our choices to (hopefully) the hardiest and most successful varieties. Then we met Dan at Olive Garden which was a fun treat. We rarely eat out with the kids, (and you could tell-- we need to refresh those eating-out table manners a bit!) Anyway, we had a good time. I had the Zuppa Toscana soup which was delish... and the kids loved seeing Dan mid-day (as did I ;)). I must say it was just a nice treat to break from our everyday pb&j routines! This afternoon, after naps, we ran over to my mom's greenhouse and planted 12 sunflowers and 4 pumpkin plant seeds. Will was actually the only one interested in helping. The other two got their hands slightly dirty and decided they did not want to plant after all! :) I have a list of plants that we'll be putting in our garden this summer as soon as it gets warm enough. I can't wait for garden-fresh produce! Yum!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

:: Bullet Points

:: After my laptop met its untimely demise a few weeks ago, one of my biggest "lost file regrets" was a digital family scrapbook that I'd been working on, off and on over the past month or so. I was planning to print it up (via shutterfly) as a hardcover book. (This being my solution to having finished Will & Hallie's first-year scrapbooks, and having Tristan's sitting disassembled in stacks of supplies and pictures on my craft table. *sigh*) At any rate, I thought I had lost this file, and although i could have begun again, I really didn't want to. GOOD NEWS: I had signed up for about 2 weeks before the crash, and although only about 2/3 of my data had been saved to carbonite, THE SCRAPBOOK FILE WAS THERE! :D I am thrilled. PS: Check out my inspiration at Scroll down a bit for some pretty amazing digital scrapbook pages (and story!)

:: I placed an online "clink-n-pull" order at Sam's Club today that Dan will pick up on his way home. Not having to go to Sam's with the kids= amazing. :)

:: Spring has sprung! The foot of snow that literally 3 days ago was blanketing our yard is nowhere to be seen. Yay for spring!

:: The kids and I are headed on (our 2nd official) field trip tomorrow: the Crayola factory! I KNOW they are going to have a total blast. I mean, what kids doesn't love an entire day of craftiness! And what mom doesn't love not having to clean up afterward. ;)

:: The longer I'm aways from facebook, the less I miss it. Oh the perils of a digital life!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My sister Emily is home on spring break, and since the rest of our family is in Florida right now, "home" is here with us. Yay! We are having a great time-- taking walks, playing with the kids, making homemade cinnamon rolls (with lots of butter, raisins and nuts of course!) and just hanging out together. Tonight we are going out to eat with another good friend. We're actually going to drive over an hour to get to a fondue restaurant in Bethlehem-- can't wait for that! :D

After that huge snow storm last week, the weather has been gorgeous. Blue, sunny skies and temps in the 50's! Of course it's hard to fully appreciate when there's still more than a full foot of snow on the ground, but hey, it is melting! The roads are drying out at least, so we can walk in a nearby subdivision in normal shoes! It's funny how the little signs of spring mean so much at the end of winter. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh, the Wisdom of Will

After hearing me comment that I'd be working on taxes tonight, Will asked me curiously why we have to pay taxes. I replied, (after quickly trying to think of a "better" answer and failing, "Because we have to. It's the law." "But why?", he persisted. "The government doesn't do anything for us!" I actually laughed out loud, and then tried to think of stuff the government DOES do for us, to back up my point. Besides road maintenance and police, I fell embarrassingly short. (I know, there's lots more; I just couldn't think on the spot!) Will looked pleased, as if he'd just proved a point. Oh my. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blogs That Make Money

I've been thinking alot lately about blogs that earn income for their owners. First of all, any blog that makes money (from what I can see) requires a great deal of time and effort as well as up-front costs (page design, giveaway products, etc.) While I don't have a problem with people making money off their blogs in theory, in practice it kind of irks me. One blog I follow was offered advertising at one point, and the owner refusing, citing his non-interest in "monetizing" his blog's community. While I think he has valid point... I can't say I would really mind a check arriving every month addressed to ME, earned by me talking about my life. Hmm.

What I fail to mention is that I really have neither the time nor inclination to sell my blog to the world in an effort to gain a following... not to mention the very real possibility that no one would find my life all that interesting anyway. :)

Note: If you are reading this on facebook, you can see by my status that I am taking a month-long break from that storied institution. I realized earlier today that my blog posts are auto-posting as fb Notes, so as of this post, I am turning that feature off. If you want to continue reading my ramblings, please visit me at my blog:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More thoughts from the girl who is in apparent fb withdrawl:

Have you guys seen this? It's stinkin' GENIUS, people! :D Right now I am in love with anything starring Tim Hawkins. hahahahaha.

Ok. So I'm revamping my blog a little. Maybe it will inspire me to sit and actually WRITE the thoughts that are swirling around my brain every day instead of just rushing on by, leaving them as lost casualties to my busy life and multi-tasking brain.

Have any of you been following the story of the little girl who was (accidentally, I presume) killed via "discipline" by her conservative Christian parents? The story is here. It truly makes me sick to my stomach. That poor, sweet little girl. (Not to mention the sadly misinformed, delusional parents!) What in the world.

Dan and I are going out with friends tomorrow night for dinner and a movie. The kids love our sitter, and I think they're more excited about that than anything. Ha. It's nice having a bit more freedom to do this type of thing, since Tristan is now 3 and POTTY TRAINED. Yes, you read that right. We are officially a diaper-free household. (Well, at least for a few more months!)

I guess that's it for now. I posted a pic of the boys singing here on youtube today. It's pretty funny. Tristan tries so hard to sound just like his daddy with a deep voice! His cowboy hat and "microphone" crack. me. up. And Will on the other hand is such a cute, sincere boy. Gosh I love them.

Thoughts on Lent

I have given up facebook for Lent. I think that fact alone has pushed me back into blogging. I apparently have an insatiable need to be heard by the cyber-world. ;) Not that I actually have ever "done Lent" before, as I am not Catholic, nor has any church I've attended in my life promoted this practice. However... it is really just self-discipline, of which I am surely in sore need in my life.

I was talking with our pastor last week about how the church has dropped so much of its traditional liturgy and practices as it's become more modern, and we both agreed, it's a shame. One of the best posts I've read recently on the keeping of Lent is this. She so succinctly summarizes so much about why Lent (or self-denial) is a good thing. I've been thinking to myself so often lately: Who is really free? The couch potato or the trained athlete? I love the analogy, because it's so true.

I hope to be blogging more frequently in the next month. We will see how that pans out. :)