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Snowy Sunday

Dan and Will are out hitting the slopes this afternoon, and I'm home with the littles. (Actually Hallie is hardly considered a "little" anymore, so while she's not quite ready for skiing yet, I'm letting her have some much-coveted computer time while Tristan, Olivia and I head for naps!) Yay for lazy Sunday afternoons.

Will's turning into a great little skier , and I couldn't be happier. One of my "someday" dreams (with having our kids close together) is taking a family ski trip to Colorado and all hitting the slopes together all day long. How FUN would that be?! (Although Dan and I have pretty much totally switched over to snowboarding, which is a total blast too.) I have finally decided that (after 4 years, hah) I feel good enough on the board to trade in my beginner board for a more advanced one. (Heck yeah!! Who says mamas can't learn new tricks?! ;)) Dan and I went out on Thursday for my first time out this year. It was so much fun.  I …

over the hump

Tomorrow is our 7-month milestone having baby O home with us. June 26 of last year was gotcha day, and June 28 was her 7-month birthday. Which means pretty soon here, actually any day now (or was it yesterday?) we quietly slipped over the hump-- she's been home, here with us, longer than she was in Ethiopia. It's a bittersweet milestone to be sure. I wonder if she'll miss her homeland, the language she never knew, the misty mountains surrounding Addis Ababa. Her young mama who tried so hard to find a family member to care for her before placing her for adoption, and the unknown daddy she'll never know. I'm sure she'll face these questions and many more as she grows... but we sure are BEYOND happy to have her home with us. She is a most loved sister and daughter! Happy over-the-hump, sweet Olivia. Here's to many, many more amazing years together!

Being cute and mischievous
Eating snow off big sis's mitten
Sucking on an icicle "pop"
Cuddle time …

My cute twin nieces!